Hay Ram in rotation on MusiMax

Posted: February 8, 2011

Since March 2010, the album Diginada by lyricist-composer Philippe Leduc has been performing solidly. First, it was nominated for the ADISQ award in the category “Album of the year – world music,” and this month the album’s first music video, Hay Ram, debuts on MusiMax.

The video, titled Hay Ram (literally, O God) is a tribute to the people in India who saved Leduc’s son Emmanuel, who miraculously survived a 1,000-metre fall in the Srinagar region of Kashmir in August 2006.

Read the press release (PDF).


Dim lights


Diginada - New album now available.

Diginada is my Morning of the Magicians. In this album, I have tried to portray landscapes emerging from centuries for which no archives exist. I have brought together many eras and melded many musical genres to finally record what sings in my heart and flowed like magic from my fingertips. Sometimes I feel like certain pieces were engraved on my viscera.

One of my greatest joys in creating Diginada was to add my voice to the chorus that was able to convey so accurately emotions that I didn’t know were within me.

With a few notes from an Irish whistle, I sketched out a paradise lost on a desert island submerged in the deepest of my dreams.

With rhythms as techno as tribal, I tried to reach back to the painters of Lascaux to imagine for a moment what life was like in our ancestors’ caves. What would they have thought had they known that their frescoes would one day shimmer on the Web?

I organized a festival to celebrate the rise of Antares, a mysterious, ruby-glinting star situated in the heart of the Scorpio constellation.

With an Indian-flavoured chant, I sought to avert the horrible fate that would have led to my son’s death. I transformed this nightmare into protective serenity by taking concrete steps to help a hospital in Kashmir.

I also established a Zone libre to inspire all those who battle omerta, the law of silence, to the point of putting their lives in peril. I dedicated this space of freedom to all those who seek the truth, in spite of everything.

With her sultry, mysterious tones, soloist Élyzabeth Diaga lends Diginada a unique vocal signature and imbues Rouge Antarès, Stigmata, and Viva La Muerte with consummate intensity.

Diginada is a piece of my life, a voyage to my inner self that is sometimes tender, always vertiginous, and that I hope to share with you all.

Philippe Leduc


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